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2011-01-13 15:29:51 by Zingking

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2010-12-05 12:39:29 by Zingking

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So what should my money go to, a motorcycle, invest it, car, or Canon Eos 7D

On My Way

2010-11-26 11:34:27 by Zingking

My show if finally up with its first episode!!!

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Watch it, enjoy it, review it, suggest it!

I'm 20!!!

2010-06-01 07:14:22 by Zingking

Its my birthday guys! and I'm working all day! FUCKING SUCKS! Oh well, I hope everything goes good :D Wish me luck, oh ya wanna see one of my B-Day Presents? Here ya go

I'm 20!!!

New Web Series

2010-05-20 18:56:21 by Zingking

Hey guys I'm back (for those of you who know of me)

I'm gunna make a new web series and its gunna be based on my life (sorta) but most of the content will be me doing many stupid things, (including Parkour, competitions with my friends, and Jack Ass like stuff, and also me completing my list for my blog)

Anywho got any ideas for me to do? I am alreadying playing a Hot Sauce Competition between me and a buddy, which should be great for lolz. Give me some of your funnies ppl


2010-05-03 16:40:28 by Zingking

I got my first acceptance letter! Woot im going to university in september!


2010-04-30 20:11:37 by Zingking

And happy birthday tom. I was goin to submit an animation to this joyous occasion to show my improved skill with animating, but figured if I rushed the one I was on, it would be of lesser quality so I passed. Next year tho, get ready to see me in the top 5!!!


2010-04-12 08:16:30 by Zingking

I feel like shit

Oh and I'm in current production of my newest animation, but I can already see the laziness in it, so I'm using this copy as a rough draft, after all I wanna hit up that Front Page with this one :P

Starting a series based on my life. Still trying to find a art style I like, but I have a bunch of ideas for episodes! Though I need a new Microphone, wanna recommend one for me?

I am thinking that my blog needs a new design! It looks boring right now, and I want to design it to look similar to EgoRaptor's website.

Broke and still need a video camera, thinking of getting a new Flip Mino with my LOGO on it! If you have liked my videos in the past (such has Flaming shot, Hot sauce shots) Then you can donate on my blog, or go to our store and buy some merchandise.

New Animation - New Blog Design?

I actually don't feel as bad as I thought I would, I'm tired, but otherwise I'm fantastic. I had many updates, so I recommend you checking out the website for the updates, cuz I am too lazy to rewrite everything...