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Isometric Pixel Gaming Room Isometric Pixel Gaming Room

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its a good job

but a couple of things:
1. I can't tell if you are trying to portray a small tv, or extremely large SNES?
2. I likes the shading though if you gave the controller a shadow you probably should have done the same for the game cartridges besides the SNES, and the SNES should probably have a slightly greater shadow then the controller
3. You should probably have given the antennas shadows as well

OTHERWISE! Nice job man!

bigjonny13 responds:

1) Small TV. TV's weren't that big back in the day XD
2) Damn, you're right, I completely missed the shadows on the cartridges.
3) I had shadows on the wall, but yeah, I should've shadowed on the TV as well.
Thanks for the comment.

Pixel Ego Pixel Ego

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ego man...

He looks like he is one of those sexually confused bosses near the end of a video game. You know, the one that laughs like a chick, and wears make up and you dont take for serious, until you make fun of his make up, or scratch his face, or mess up his hair, then he goes all ape shit on your ass. Well thats what i was picturing, nice job man :D

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