No Sleep Experiment - Failure....*aww(SSBB

2009-09-17 08:14:42 by Zingking

So yeah around 10 something yesterday morning, I suddenly started feeling really sick, spent about 20 minutes over a garbage pale debating on whether I was going to puke or not, I ended up deciding to just go to bed, hoping that would make me feel better, and it did, so yeah I only stayed up for like 15 hours, which if I end up staying up til like 3 am today will easily beat that... so I give up, back to getting into animation again...


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2009-12-10 02:26:24

That's always what happens to me when I try to stay up. I feel sick and light headed. It sucks.


2009-12-10 02:32:54

I can stay up for a maximum of 24 hours. Never gone past that amount though. I have never felt sick before. My eyes hurt and my eye lids feel like lead weights. I heard meth can make you stay up for 3 days straight no problem, you should try it some time.